Ionic Builders believes that like the ancient column structure for which it is named, there are three inseparable components to creating a successful project. Listen, Think and Build.

Every structure has a purpose which when properly constructed should serve the occupants’ wants and needs. Every project has unique requirements that are dictated by those who live and work within the space being created. To understand these needs, a builder needs to “LISTEN”.

The majority of projects have challenges,  which need to be overcome. These challenges can run the gamut of aesthetics, structural, functional, fiscal and many times, a combination of these. This is when a builder must “THINK” and draw from his experience, for ways to contribute to the team in order to overcome.

Finally, “BUILD”. This is the names sake of the profession. It is a culmination of the above to achieve the final steps to physically  build.  Our goal is for the build, to be where we as a team, see the project take shape to become the purposeful space that motivated our client to begin the process.

The founder, Kelley Markel, has spent the last 20 years working his way through the construction industry. Beginning a laborer, then moving on to a tradesman, foreman, supervisor, estimator and project manager. Along the way, working in both trade specific  and general contracting companies, he has gained the experience to be able to understand the perspective of the various individuals that come together to create a project. Applying this knowledge and experience to serve in the best interest of the client is the purpose of the builder.